Due to the uncertainty caused by COVID19, Palm Cove Golf Club will be offering a Frequent Player Program in lieu of summer memberships.
The Frequent Player Program, or FPP, will save our members and patrons 20% off their greens fees. This is a pre-paid program that provides an opportunity to purchase 10 rounds of of golf and receive two free. The rounds may be purchased and/or shared with another player or players.
The following is a breakdown of the net FPP fees:

$17.50 tax included - This is the nine hole rate and can be used any time of day. It is also good after 4:00 p.m. for as many as you can play based on the time carts need to be returned to the staging area. Net rate based on $21.

$24.15 tax included - This is the 18 hole rate in effect from noon until 4:00. Net rate based on $29.

$31.66 tax included - This is the rate for first tee time until noon. Net rate based on $38.
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